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At Fin and Forage, our team is driven by a shared passion for exploring the natural world and bringing its bounty to your table. Each member brings unique expertise and a dedication to sustainable foraging and culinary excellence.

Alice Schmidt – Content Director

Alice oversees our content strategy, ensuring that everything we publish aligns with our mission of sustainability and education. With a background in environmental science and a passion for storytelling, Alice curates informative and inspiring content. She works closely with the team to develop engaging articles, guides, and multimedia content that enrich our readers’ knowledge and appreciation of wild foods.

  • Expertise: Environmental science, content strategy, editorial management
  • Responsibilities: Overseeing content creation, managing contributors, strategic planning

Martin Fischer – Foraging Expert

Martin is our resident foraging guru with years of experience identifying and harvesting wild edibles. His deep knowledge of terrestrial and marine ecosystems makes him an invaluable resource for our community. Martin is dedicated to teaching ethical foraging practices that ensure the sustainability of our natural resources.

  • Expertise: Terrestrial and marine foraging, wild food identification, sustainable harvesting
  • Responsibilities: Creating foraging guides, leading workshops, providing expert advice

Emma Weber – Culinary Specialist

Emma brings her culinary expertise to Fin and Forage, developing creative recipes highlighting the unique flavors of foraged ingredients. With a professional cooking and food styling background, Emma ensures that our recipes are both delicious and visually appealing. She is passionate about showing how wild foods can be incorporated into everyday meals.

  • Expertise: Culinary arts, recipe development, food styling
  • Responsibilities: Developing recipes, creating cooking videos, food photography

Lukas Bauer – Digital Marketing Manager

Lukas handles our digital presence, ensuring our content reaches a wide audience. With his social media, SEO, and email marketing expertise, Lukas keeps our community engaged and informed. He is passionate about using digital tools to spread the word about sustainable foraging and cooking.

  • Expertise: Digital marketing, social media management, SEO, email campaigns
  • Responsibilities: Managing social media channels, optimizing content for search engines, executing email marketing campaigns

Join Our Community

Our team is dedicated to promoting sustainable foraging practices and sharing the joy of wild foods with you. We invite you to explore our resources, join our workshops, and connect with us through our online community.

For more information or to contact our team, please email us at Follow us on social media channels for the latest updates and exclusive content.

Welcome to Fin and Forage! Together, we can explore the wild, savor its bounty, and work towards a more sustainable future.


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